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FadeUp Design Group is committed to bringing you the highest level of production services by blending creativity with cutting edge technology to shape the overall vision and make it come to life for the customer.

While each project is unique (and deserves to be treated as such), we have a small list of commonly asked questions that may assist you with your lighting needs.

FadeUp Design helped transform the reception hall I rented into a great space to celebrate my wedding, many guest loved and made compliments on the uplighting. Heath was great to work with and I'd recommend FadeUp Design to anyone. They helped make my wedding day very special.

What types of events do FadeUp Design Group light?

We do corporate events, outdoor event lighting, architectural lighting, wedding receptions. Basically, we can light anything you need us to!

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What is Uplighting?

Lights are placed on the ground and positioned to project light on a wall or an object. You add light in specific places in the room to create a certain atmosphere. You can transform an otherwise generic space into an environment that leaves a lasting impression. The right lighting can transcend whatever goal you're striving for.

Why Should We Use Uplighting?

In the days past to achieve any type of uplighting you would need incandescent lighting fixtures which would draw a lot of power and require a good deal of cabling to make the lighting fixtures function. These fixtures would also create a lot of heat and hazards so you had to be careful on how close you were placing them to the wall to make sure that they were not in an area where people could touch them because it could possibly burn them. In this era of lighting it was much more expensive and the labor involved was much more intense and this was reflected in what you paid a company to handle all your lighting needs. With todays cutting edge led technology you are able to achieve beautiful results with many more choices in colors, fixture placement and control. With this type of technology you are able to give a potential client a beautiful environment that surpasses their vision while maintaining cost and safety as an important factor.

Let’s face it, overhead lighting is boring, not festive and doesn’t transcend what that day is all about. More & more clients realize that with the proper lighting they can actually create an environment that looks amazing and expands on the feeling they wanted their guests to have at the reception. Lighting creates an atmosphere that is second to none in terms of venue transformation. You can turn a square boring room into a room with dimension using color and intensity to make the room pop and look different in many different areas. It’s as if you are creating your own venue and using color, intensity and imagination to produce an environment that makes people smile and feel the energy that the room is putting out.

Lighting allows you to accent different parts of the room as well as opposed to just lighting the walls. A few popular choices would be behind a wedding party table since so many pictures are taken at that location or perhaps the area around the wedding cake so that pictures of the cake have a nice background and dimension. If you were lighting a corporate event you would light behind where a person would speak or set different looks for the dinner look and the awards look. The colors chosen would reflect the energy for that particular moment in the night. When you explain to your lighting designer how you are planning on laying out the room he can start to suggest different lighting scenarios. He can help you to fill in the blanks and elaborate on your ideas so that you can both craft the perfect lighting for your event.


We can't give a valid quote until we have met with you and looked at the space, which is why we offer a free, no obligation consultation. We meet with the client at the site of the event and come up with a lighting plan together. After meeting with you, we will provide you with a bid. We want to make each event special and specific to your needs. You can read more about this by clicking the Q&A page. Also if your from out of town look at "Meeting at the Venue"

Will We Need Extra Power for Uplighting?

No. We use LED lights, which are very efficient and don't take alot of power.

Are the Lights Hot? Will Our Guests Burn Themselves?

No. LED lights do not get hot. They can safely be placed in the area being lit without any need to worry about heat.

Is Uplighting Offered in Packages?

Many elements when planning a wedding reception come in packages, which is a predetermined amount of any one given element at a specified cost. In many cases this works fine, for example perhaps a DJ or a photo booth.

When a bride and groom decide they want uplighting at their reception my suggestion to them is that we should set aside time for a meeting at the reception hall to look at the space together. Since every room is different, be it a church or a room designed specifically for receptions they all have there own characteristics.

They all vary in sizes and architecture and it doesn’t always work to have a predetermined amount of lights because the environment size dictates the amount of lighting that will be required to produce awesome results. A meeting with your lighting vendor can answer many questions in a short amount of time and give you the confidence that your vision has been formulated into a great lighting scheme for your big day.

Why Use FadeUp Design Group for Our Event?

We specialize in lighting and lighting only. We have worked in the industry for many years and are utmost professionals. We take design serious and give our clients the options and solutions they need to make informed decisions.

This allows them to meet their creative goal while working within their budget. FadeUp Design Group knows there are many variables when planning your event which makes each situation unique. We work with our client to help them create a perfectly lit atmosphere that meets all their needs while helping them to work within the guidelines of their budget.

Do You Work Outside of Omaha, Nebraska?

We not only do lighting in the Omaha area, but also the surrounding communities. There will be an extra fee depending on the amount of travel.

Meeting at the Venue

Once you have picked a vendor that you feel will do an amazing job give them a call and tell them you would like to set up a meeting with them at the reception hall. If the reception hall is out of town then setup a conference call or visit their website together and look at photo’s of the venue that they use for online marketing to help develop a plan.

I always suggest calling the venue to make sure that they know your coming to look at the space and so you can meet on a day when no other activities are taking place. The time spent in a short meeting with your vendor will prove invaluable. Not only will you develop a lighting plan together, your vendor will also be able to look at the job logistically and make critical decisions on how to approach the job. Things such as cabling, lighting placement, venue restrictions and so many other variables that can make the job run smoother.

Develop a Plan

Look at the room together and create a plan that will transcend your vision to reality. Most times the client will have a good idea of a starting point in terms of color and special areas, then the lighting designer can explain to the client what the best approach would be for lighting the environment.

Discuss placement of the lighting fixtures and discuss any area’s that need to be highlighted such as backlighting a wedding cake or lighting the pipe and drape behind the wedding party or a person speaking, since many photo’s will be taken in that area. This is also a good time to discuss a monogram and where it would be placed in the room. The whole idea of the meeting is to give the client piece of mind in understanding the plan beforehand so that any surprises are eliminated before the day of the event or reception has arrived.

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